Bilbao at a Glance

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Bilbao at a Glance

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  • From 35€


Old Town and Seven Streets
Ribera Market
Santiago Cathedral
Gran Via
Moyua square
Guggenheim Museum (only outside, contact us for interior visit)

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Bilbao at a Glance
Bilbao, Basque Country

Discover all the secrets of the city on this walking tour and feel yourself like a "bilbaíno" in Bilbao there is a place for everyone. Art, history, gastronomy, sports, it doesn't matter which are your interests, Bilbao won't disappoint you.

The small burg founded in the early XIV century experienced a huge industrial development during the last century and after a deep crisis raised from its ashes as one of Europe's most avant-garde cities. Bilbao has been known to rediscover itself, maintaining the original taste of the local's ancient traditions.

I want you to discover the history and culture of my birthplace and the vibrant lifestyle of the locals. I am very interested in all kinds of small and familiar shops, crafts workers, and gastronomy businesses with a Slow Food philosophy that I Would love to share with you!

Do you want to step off the track and discover every secret of Bilbao?

Do you want to be just you in the group?

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