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Responsible tourism in Bilbao and the Basque Country

Kaixo! I am Joseba, an official tour guide in the Basque Country, born and raised in Bilbao. Despite being an environmental technician by profession and having extensive experience as an environmental educator, since 2012 have been dedicated to guiding travelers.

However, just as I am interested in the natural processes that shape our landscapes, no less important are the historical processes that shape our environments and societies. That is why I invite you to come with me to discover the history of our town, its traditions and customs in the same way that I like it when I visit other places on the globe: coming into direct contact with the community.

We have all had some uncomfortable situation in our travels, in which we have felt like an extra-terrestrial. At Bilbao Green Tours, we flee from postcard tourism, to guarantee local and authentic experiences, following a very simple formula: make you feel part of our community, in the same way that we like it when we visit other places.

At Bilbao Green Tours, we take life easy, both when designing the visits and carrying them out. We work with different travel agencies and organized team building activities for several companies. We organize visits to great projects, which make this little world better.

Green experiences are ideal for groups and families, especially those traveling with children. Our activities are carried out in full contact with nature and in a didactic way, always transmitting the importance of strengthening ecological values, fundamental to maintaining that nature that we enjoy so much.

We invite you to meet us. Take a look at our website and feel free to contact us if you have something to share with us, a project, suggestion or doubt.

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