Vegan pintxo tour

From 70€

Vegan Pintxo Tour

  • 2.5h
  • English, German, Spanish
  • From 70€

What`s included:

We will have 3 pintxos and a big tapa for every three participants.
One drink on each bar. Three drinks in total.

Vegan Pintxo Tour
Bilbao, Basque Country

Discover the local lifestyle in a Vegan way

Traditional cuisine has been largely vegan for many centuries. Unfortunately, there was a time when finding pintxos that are vegetarian was a mission impossible, even the vegetable sandwich had ham or tuna! Luckily this has changed and with the great work of many cooks today you can taste pintxos 100% vegetables, with the authentic taste of our gastronomy.


At Bilbao Green Tours we are very proud of this route we have designed. Not only will you discover the traditional and modern techniques that are becoming trendy on the vegan scene in Bilbao, but you will also be able to discover places and projects in Bilbao, which many visitors do not enjoy.

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